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When I began working out with Tony five months ago, I was out of shape and barely able to complete a workout, even with modifications. Now I am getting ready to run a 5K and feeling stronger and more fit than I ever have before! 

Mary Beth Adams


I have been working with Tony Carter for about two years now.  I have never meet anyone more dedicated to his clients, he truly has a love for people.  When I workout by myself I can her his voice "you got this Oyama" or my favorite quote "if it doesn't challenge you, it wont change you."  I am much stronger and everyone is noticing how much weight I've lost- 30 lbs and counting.  I am truly grateful for D.R.I.V.E.

Oyama Mapp


Tony helps cater a reigmen to our group that is rigourous and challenging, but still attainable. He offers guidance and encouragement both during our sessions, as well as via emal as needed. His knowlegde of fitness and nutrition carries over into a total body wellness program that is unmatched in this area, at a competitive price 

Jessica Simmons


I have had the privilege to train with Tony for over a year and have grown to know him personally.  To describe Tony, the following traits come to mind: he is dilligent, devoted, patient, extremely caring to those he trains, and goes beyond the call of duty to accomplish goals for other's success.  Through him. I have grown and flourished in my training.  Tony set up a program that has helped to strengthen my muscles and coordination, along with toning and nutritional guidelines.  My doctors have even told me there has been improvement in my health.  Thanks to Tony and his personal attention, I am now stronger and more confident than I have ever been!


                                                                                     Cathy L. Smith


Working out with Tony is a wonderful experience.  He know when to push, both mentally and physically, but know the point where to stop.  Tony has learned what I like to do and what my body responds to, and based training sessions on that.  His workouts are always creative, challenging and fun, and are a great stress reliever!  He even adapts workouts on the fly based on the day I've had, which is something that I love - if I've had a bad day and feel like I need to hit something, out come the boxing gloves!  I have never left the gym feeling like I didn't get a good workout with Tony.  He helps set attainable goals and pushes me to meet them, which is something I woud never do on my own.  Unlike some trainers, Tony never gets in your face, but offers focus and motivation when it's needed, and he never forgets to say "good job" at the end of the day.


Over the past 18 months that I've trained with Tony, not only have my strength and muscles grown, but so has my self-confidence and willpower!  He is a great trainer and an even better friend, and anyone that is lucky enough to have him kick their butt is truly blessed!


                                                                                       Jen Giangrande

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